Logo Where does the name Fonebone come from? It is homage to the great cartoonist Don Martin and his wonderful enthusiasm for onomatopoetic words in his writing. Fonebone was a character name used in some of his stories.

Professional Consulting Services

Fonebone Services provides on-site training, method optimization and development, instrument support, software support, and quality system support. Consultants are available with a wide range of experience including pharmaceutical, environmental, food and beverage and industrial laboratories. We can provide short term and on-going expertise with new lab start-up, sample preparation and throughput automation, qualification design and review, quality system implementation, method development, and method validation.

If you have a problem in a laboratory environment, call or e-mail us!

Patrick Steffes

Patrick Steffes has 29 years of experience in the analytical instrumentation business, including service, sales, and management. He has formal training on a variety of analytical instrument and software platforms, qualification delivery and custom software.

He has consulted at laboratories across North and South America. He has delivered hundreds of technical courses and presentations on laboratory instrumentation and software. He has provided method optimization and method development services on LC, GC, LCMS, GCMS, CE and IC in a diverse range of laboratories. He has provided qualification document review services for the pharmaceutical industry.

Patrick is a Professional Chemist registered with ACPA.