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Lab Benches and Tables

We sell a wide range of heavy duty, custom built high quality laboratory tables and benches. 2000 pound standard weight ratings (up to 5000 pounds!) with chemical resistant Trespa TopLab tops. Custom designed for your lab, and your equipment needs.


Key Features



Chemical Resistant

Trespa surfaces, resistant to strong acids, bases, solvents (other surfaces available, including Stainless Steel, Concrete/Granite, Veneer)


Super inert; great for solvents, strong acids and bases and microbiology (non-porous). Will break if you hit it with a hammer.

Stainless Steel

Great for solvents; strong acids and bases may rust surface. More resistant to mechanical damage (may need additional structure underneath)


Add mass and stability for balances or sensitive optical instruments; very porous. Should be a single piece for best mass stability


Chemical resistant materials available, but over time veneer will chip and water spills will swell and expand inner wood core.



Heavy Duty Steel Frame

Rugged and solid! Heavy gauge steel frame allows bench to be completely open underneath, for Nitrogen generators, rough pumps, chillers, etc. Other bench ideas include light gauge sheet metal frames; wood, and folding card tables.



Heavy Duty Steel Frame

Will last decades, and match the standards of a well built laboratory. A solid bench for a high quality instrument!


Light gauge sheet metal frames

Generally require lower cross bracing that will not permit accessories to be rolled underneath.


Wood Tables

Generally require lower cross bracing. Not available from FSI.


Folding Card Tables

It is always alarming to visit labs that have a $500K instrument setting on a plastic table with folding legs. Why does this happen?


Standard sizes include 30” deep by 36”, 48”, 60”, 72” and 84” long Default Height is 35″, 72″ and 84″ benches typically in stock and ready to ship tomorrow!


30” deep

Default table size is 30”, 36” or other sizes of Trespa available by custom order.



Any size up to 84” available.  96″ available by special order.



Default height is 35” tall; any height available to accommodate your lab.



Standard Self Leveling Casters

(Other options available include self-leveling feet, larger 6″ casters; full lock 4″ casters).

Self leveling casters

Extendable Foot Casters. Good for smooth surfaces, and strong rubber foot for vibration isolation, and no movement. Not good for frequent moving or rough surfaces (loose floor mats, door jambs, rough concrete).

Self-leveling feet

For benches that will not move once installed; bring uneven surfaces to a perfectly level table with adjustment of feet; high weight ratings (5000 pounds)

Large 6” casters

frequent moving; larger wheels go over uneven surfaces with ease. Bench will move if you have larger livestock in your laboratory area.

Full Lock Casters

4” wheels, with movement and swivel lock. Great for smaller tables that are moved frequently (HPLC Carts)


Customized Accessories

Including pull out keyboard trays, computer cradles, Dual monitor stands, drawers, sound dampening cabinets, and waste bottle holders.



2021 Data Sheet


Steel Frame

Chemical Resistant